Cryer # 212

╔════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ { ~ TEMPLE RESTORED ~ } ╚════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ After what seems like a lifetime the Temple has finally been restored to it’s former glory. Masons and decorators are still working hard to finish it and open it for events again. In the mean time a nice art gallery has been set up on the second … More Cryer # 212

Cryer # 208- 211

The past months have been a bit of a roller-coaster, enjoyable for the most part, but pretty chaotic as well… Earlier this year we decided to alter the concept of the Isle of Dee. ( see text in bottom of this post) While Kyra all alone begun to change the Design of the Isle towards … More Cryer # 208- 211

Cryer # 207

** STOP PRESS ** Happy Anniversary – Long Live The People of Isle Of Dee A Week of Celebration is ahead in celebration of our adventures through the flood, ourlanding at our new home and the Troll Magic. We have been allowed to have a sneaky peek at the planners table. And we can tell, … More Cryer # 207

Cryer # 206

*** STOP PRESS *** Invasion! They came over night and left as sneakingly as they came. Who they are is unknown, but what they left is plain to see. An Impaled head tells as much as that someone left a message and beds and supplies have been left behind seemingly in a hurry. The shape … More Cryer # 206

A Delegation Of Elves

A delegation of elves could in the earlier morning hours be seen -and well heard due to them speaking openly – entering the walled city with bundles under their arms. Snippets of their talks that might have been caught by those sleeping with open windows: “Where does the hunter reside…?”- “… look in thier libraries … More A Delegation Of Elves

Cryer # 199

************************************************** I S L E – O F – D E E – C R Y E R ************************************************** ****  STOP PRESS ! **** FOUL MURDER – IN TOWN SQUARE When dawn broke over the isle this morning, early risers would have seen smoke rising from a pile of charred timbers where once a set … More Cryer # 199

Cryer # 196

******STOP PRESS****** DRINDLE MISSING! Both the Elf Runa and the Hunter Veldrin are searching frantically for the child Drindle who has been missing for a number of days. Having searched the town, and the forest, they are worried that she may have been abducted by Darklings. Veldrin was observed trying to cut his way into … More Cryer # 196

Cryer # 195

******STOP PRESS****** RIP MISS ESMERALDA This Notice was received in the Editors office: On Sunday, the day of our lord, April 21 and the first day of spring, our beloved MIss Esmeralda did go to meet her maker.  Present at the time of her passing were Miss Mysti, healer, a newcomer a monk with a … More Cryer # 195