Cryer # 201

**** STOP PRESS ! **** EARTHQUAKE OVER? A deathly silence hung over the island as suddenly, the tremors stopped and the rumbling noise that had plagued the isle for so long ceased. The silence, almost deafening in its suddenness, was finally broken by the song of a bird, first one, then as others joined in … More Cryer # 201

Cryer #188

*  OLD AND NEW COCK A HOOP The Cock a Hoop tavern by the gates is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed, but moved to the old hotel building, that the elderly of Dee claim to recognize as the original Cock A Hoop. Willow informs to be delighted that the new location is … More Cryer #188

Cryer #187

* CLOSED TAVERN To the Citizens of Dee… I regret to inform you all that the Cock a Hoop tavern is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed. However, I am delighted to tell you that the Cock a Hoop will be moved to a more suitable and larger building within the next week. … More Cryer #187

Cryer #180

* FACING A BOAR DEE STYLE There are alarming reports of a huge boar loose in the woods near to town. This most dangerous creature has even been spotted drinking from the trough outside the Cock a Hoop Tavern. Indeed, worse, the City Guard Marco appeared to be having a slight altercation with the Cora, … More Cryer #180