Cryer #194

***STOP PRESS*** CURE FOR DEADLY GOBLIN FEVER FOUND! (full story below) ********************************** ***STOP STOP PRESS*** GIANT SPIDER ATTACK (Story and picture below) ********************************** ***STOP STOP STOP PRESS*** DRINDLE DEAF (as opposed to her normal ‘selective’ hearing) (no sign language available for this story) ********************************** GOBLIN FEVER – THE START It all started when a foul … More Cryer #194

Cryer #188

*  OLD AND NEW COCK A HOOP The Cock a Hoop tavern by the gates is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed, but moved to the old hotel building, that the elderly of Dee claim to recognize as the original Cock A Hoop. Willow informs to be delighted that the new location is … More Cryer #188

Cryer #187

* CLOSED TAVERN To the Citizens of Dee… I regret to inform you all that the Cock a Hoop tavern is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed. However, I am delighted to tell you that the Cock a Hoop will be moved to a more suitable and larger building within the next week. … More Cryer #187

Cryer #181

* URGENT NOTICE The young girl, Drindel, was found by Jessie, and now rests in her shop. The girl is very ill and we do not know where her parents might be. If you happen to know, or if you are the parents of this young girl, please contact either Jessie or me so we … More Cryer #181

Cryer #170

* COCK A HOOP Miss Kagore  sent us this open letter for your attention: To the people of Dee, It is with deep regret that in my absence the tavern will be closed and all food that I have on display will be removed until the tavern is reopened again upon my return. This is … More Cryer #170