How-To create more RP

By now you may have figured out that it is sometimes hard to create rp.
Not as much to find rp, because rp is what our characters do from  the moment they set foot on the rp area.

The creation of  ongoing RP for everyone is the actual difficult and challenging thing to do and here we leave the selfish angle of looking at our own roleplay with looking out what our characters can do for others, for the whole.

First of all the main three  ground rules for true immersive roleplay:

1 – be in sim.
2 – stay in sim.
3 – RP in sim

Sounds strange, but it is meant seriously.

Too often people TP in a sim, check the map, and if they find not enough  people in sim, they simply TP out again within seconds!

If everyone does that, you can imagine what happens in sim: nothing.

And for those actually being in sim goes: be ACTIVE and PLAY.
Nothing is more frustrating than to wander the sim and meet one afk person after the other.

Being afk in a rp area is a no no. But with people living in the sim, it may happen they are in their houses and really afk for some while. Some while may be appropriate. If it becomes an “always” it is NOT.

Now the actual question is, while you actively roleplay;

* How can you give more to the RP *

– What ever you witness to happen to another character –  Do tell about!
– So others can as well react to the roleplay and can talk about ;how would others know that it actually happened?

– Have an assumption ( true or wrong) about another character? – Do tell about!

– What ever you see a  character doing –  Do tell about !
– So others can as well react to the roleplay and can talk about .
Again; how would others know that it actually happened?

Use the newspaper of the sim as trigger
Use the Group Chat , if appropriate, as trigger

As more people get aware about the ongoing RP,  more will join in and better fun for all!

Your character has plans ?
Speak about, find companions in your plan and then ..DO it.
Don’t just talk about what would be nice to do or what should be done… RP is about action too, not just about speaking about action. If you just talk it out, it wont happen.

Want to drag the damn villain off the boat and try to wash his ears because he keeps to ask ” huh?” after each of your statements? Well.. go for it. Whether your attempt to do it was a success or not, you gave him something to talk about and don’t forget to tell your friends about it as well.  🙂

If you now send an input to the newpaper ( if there is one ) about how you eventually washed that deaf persons ears… viola !
You got it 🙂

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