Lilith’s Den in SL

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I am in first place an artist. Not as much a merchant.
Mainstream is not really mine. What I make is what I like , really like.  I am not eager to grow the biggest best known store in the world of SL – But I certainly wish to make a difference. And I am proud to say… this goal I archived.

So many things I do -that are awesome- never land in my store because …I am likely too deep in the next project. Others land in my lottery box… for same reason. And then there are things I make for hunts – these always land in my store, because I give my best to match the hunt theme or, if there is one, story. And then there are things laying around in piled up boxes on my workspace that wait for the moment I find time to release them.

Time.. is precious. And there is always another crazy idea around the corner…

My motto is to provide Quality not Quantity, why the hardest question to answer for me is : What are you selling?
Best answer may be : what ever my wicked mind comes up with.

The hardest task for me : I really want to provide one group gift a month. But being a perfectionist and caring, I get lost in consideration of what is the best to make? What would make them happy, what is really exciting enough? And so it can happen …. that the month is over before I decided.  Yes, time is my enemy 🙂

A word about Marketplace and PrimBay

Marketplace first: The process is still more time consuming than necessary (thanks Linden Labs), you wont find everything there. If you miss something, just ask!
Casper’s PrimBay  (PB) is so much more comfortable – one tic away when listing items in my vendors. Downside: it is currently out of order. It says : ” PrimBay is taking a little hiatus.We’re redeveloping the site to be modern, swish, and better than ever!”. Well..we wait… and wait… patiently.

I prefer though you come to Lilith’s Den and buy from the vendors directly.
Even more since I set a leveled discount -the more you pay , the more you get back.

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Found on SLUniverse Forum by K2 Loon:

Lilith’s Den

A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance.
A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the outside staircase.
And what can you see there? Celtic, mystical items, textures, avatars, clothes and all sorts else. You have to look what you can use yourself. But the store is very nicely done, well worth seeing.

Here the taxi:
Second Life Maps | Dandelion

Featured at

 (…) Even better, you’ve discovered a seven-year-old shop bursting at the seams with historical and fantasy elements, in the forms of accessories, clothes and decor! One trip to Lilith’s Den and it becomes apparent that its owner, Alrunia Ahn (henceforth Runa) has a deep appreciation for and love of mythology and history. If the words “Celtic,” “Nordic” and/or “magic” make your blood boil, and in a good way, then you should be breaking down the proverbial doors at Lilith’s Den! There are beautiful standing stones, engraved with runes. There are Celtic crosses, proudly standing right across from those stones. Yggdrasil, a mythical tree in Norse cosmology, is there even!

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  1. We are unable to locate the region “Dandelion”
    This region may no longer exist, but please double check your spelling and coordinates to make sure there aren’t any errors and try again. <–message i get when i click the link


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