Once Upon A Mine

We are back with a new quest adventure! It begins on Saturday, the 4th , around noon SLT and you are heartily invited to be one of the first crash test bunnies brave souls to dare entering the maze. That is, if you find it. Once Upon A Mine There are rumors about a giant … More Once Upon A Mine

4 Rooms

A mini quest! For Twisted Hunt* I make it my personal task to provide a fancy side quest/hunt each time. You find the entrance to the quest by following the twisted cubes path. Once you entered, you find yourself in four rooms…well actually five, if you want to count the entrance hall too. Your task … More 4 Rooms

Krampus Hell

Luckily you collected everything from Christians house that could help you on your way, and so you are eventually able to open the strange wells lid. You wish you had not? But there is clearly only this one path along the largest bridge over the deepest abyss within the hellish heat. Surrounded by angry volcanoes spitting … More Krampus Hell

Critters Cave

You searched the house from top to bottom for hints and man. Disgusting things you might have found, but learned a lot about your fate. The Critters almost got you, right? Numbers and words tumbling through your mind and the growing fear that darkness might fall over yours as well. But then , suddenly , … More Critters Cave