Cryer #162

Someone overheard a squabble between Aewenil…that new lady..that wanted to open the butcher shop. Oh how Lex made fun of her when she went to visit to buy his produce…tellin her ..why would they buy from her..when they get it free from him. I hear she swished her skirts and left and moved right out. … More Cryer #162

Cryer #155

Greetings! I simply wanted to announce to Dee that St. Vitus Day is arriving — on Friday, June 22nd. For those of ye that are unaware of this days celebrations, like I was until very recently, it is to celebrate Saint Vitus, who was known to become blessed with spiritual powers by the age of … More Cryer #155

Cryer Issue #149

The signs that once hung on the castle wall and the bathhouse are now laying on the ground by the tavern covered in something red. Who took them down? Why? And what is the red substance covering them? * Tuesday at 1:30pm SLT, there was an important meeting to find solutions on the hunger in … More Cryer Issue #149

Cryer Issue #146

Citizens of the isle of Dee, As problems come to your hands, you should not stand front of the fear and show yourself as heros, because you are not. As the days coming, the problems are growing and your only solutions are to give up or run. What is your solution? What do you choose? … More Cryer Issue #146

Cryer Issue #135

BODY FOUND AT LIGHTHOUSE Further mystery at the lighthouse came yesterday when a corpse was found, lying on barrels on the platform at the door to Dart Chaffe’s inn. It was discovered late yesterday by Minister Philippe Miller and his wife, Ginny, and Miss Cali, new to this town. The body was in an advanced … More Cryer Issue #135

Cryer Issue #132

WOODEN CROSSES AVAILABLE! Master Lex, carpenter of Dee, has been commissioned by the Office of the Queen to make crosses to be provided free of charge to the people of Dee, to be used as defence against the vampire. Collect your cross from Lex at the carpenter’s shop by the river. Those intent on destroying … More Cryer Issue #132

Cryer Issue #131

MEMORIAL TO JEWEL ERECTED Just arrived from craftsmen overseas, a granite memorial stone is to be erected on the green opposite the mill, where Jewel the unicorn is buried. Bearing the words “In memory of the Unicorn, Jewel, friend of Dee through many centuries, now departed and sorely missed”, the stone will stand for centuries … More Cryer Issue #131