Cryer #181

* URGENT NOTICE The young girl, Drindel, was found by Jessie, and now rests in her shop. The girl is very ill and we do not know where her parents might be. If you happen to know, or if you are the parents of this young girl, please contact either Jessie or me so we … More Cryer #181

Cryer #167 – Fruitful Maiden and Royal Dark Elves

* SPOOK The countless Pumpkins that flooded down the streets of the haunted City are collected by many brave men and women. It will  also seem the ghosts are released now. The ghost ship is gone, too. The bell that disturbed the beauty of the village since many months is now surprisingly peaceful -though smaller … More Cryer #167 – Fruitful Maiden and Royal Dark Elves

Cryer #164

Gossips Finally did the annoying permanent drumming from the forest stop. To me it sounded like war drums. Are the Wylds planning to take the Village for themselves as well ? The City they have already. Its only a question of time and the rest of our beloved Isle is fully in their hands. Do … More Cryer #164

Sim Meeting

Want to know what’s new in the sim?  Want to give ideas? Join us on Friday, August 10th at 11am SLT. If you can’t make the meeting, send your notes to Lex Zimmer for discussion at the meeting.  The log will be posted on the blog afterwards. Thanks! Dee Admins

Cryer #162

Someone overheard a squabble between Aewenil…that new lady..that wanted to open the butcher shop. Oh how Lex made fun of her when she went to visit to buy his produce…tellin her ..why would they buy from her..when they get it free from him. I hear she swished her skirts and left and moved right out. … More Cryer #162

Cryer #161

Several came out for the Dart Tournament held at The Trader’s Barrel in St Vitus Village.  Ultimately, the winning prize went to Byblos.  In his typical giving nature, he donated the winning to the village to help those in need. * At a lightly attended Bardic Circle this week, Robin told a lively story about  … More Cryer #161

Cryer #156

Dark Elf kissing and hugging Riven?! But why? It may seem odd a human flirting with a Dark Elf but there was a purpose behind it! He was saving a Mer from the Dark Elves capture. The Dark Elfwas pushed into the water and attacked by Riven with the power of love and kindess, all … More Cryer #156

Cryer #155

Greetings! I simply wanted to announce to Dee that St. Vitus Day is arriving — on Friday, June 22nd. For those of ye that are unaware of this days celebrations, like I was until very recently, it is to celebrate Saint Vitus, who was known to become blessed with spiritual powers by the age of … More Cryer #155