How-To play pregnant in Dee

Players are allowed to play pregnant or carrying children-in-arms (prim babies) in Dee, as long as the following conditions are adhered to:-

No pregnancy or prim baby is to be the result of a rape.
Don’t make Abortion a sim wide event.
Cross breeding: All characters in Dee MUST be realistic

Do not try making your character “interesting” due weird race mix.
Rather provide an  – for all –  interesting RP.

If pregnant or carrying a prim baby, a player shall not expose themselves

– to combat
– capture/imprisonment, physical harm to themselves
– or physical harm to their unborn child/prim baby.

If such a situation is developing, it is the responsibility of the ‘mother’ to remove herself from the roleplay scene immediately.
Additionally, ‘mothers’ shall not be involved in goading or encouraging combat or extreme harm involving them or their child.

The pregnancy must develop over a rational length of time – we suggest three months (bearing in mind that time travels faster in sl).

Prim attachments may be used for appearance sake, but must be muted: neither the belly of the mother, nor the prim child, may speak in main chat or make any sounds.

Please understand that the many and various issues which surround pregnancy and child rearing can be difficult and emotional ones for many people, and by asking you to follow these conditions we seek to avoid causing distress to any other player.