Cryer # 206

*** STOP PRESS *** Invasion! They came over night and left as sneakingly as they came. Who they are is unknown, but what they left is plain to see. An Impaled head tells as much as that someone left a message and beds and supplies have been left behind seemingly in a hurry. The shape … More Cryer # 206

Cryer # 197

************************************************** TRADITIONAL SAINT VITUS FESTIVAL ************************************************** Hear ye Hear ye! Traditionally, the  celebrate St Vitus Day with a Festival of games, shows, competitions, wondrous wonders, surprising surprises! Friday , 14th of June- Sunday, 16th of June. The Official Program starts with SILENT THE MENTALIST two hours before noon. Watch out for Announcements of the City … More Cryer # 197

Cryer # 196

******STOP PRESS****** DRINDLE MISSING! Both the Elf Runa and the Hunter Veldrin are searching frantically for the child Drindle who has been missing for a number of days. Having searched the town, and the forest, they are worried that she may have been abducted by Darklings. Veldrin was observed trying to cut his way into … More Cryer # 196

Cryer #191

*** STOP PRESS*** GREEN AROUND THE GILLS? ** It was party time at the ‘Cock a Hoop’ Tavern yesterday as our very own Irish Knight Sir Yaron organised a party in honour of the Patron Saint of his native land ‘St Patrick’. Dancing continued into the night. It is understood that our emerald councillor was … More Cryer #191

Cryer #186

* THE VOTES ARE IN The winner of the vote, and new head of the human council of Dee is the fierce young miss Cali! The Cryer Editors congratulate ! Now we all hold our breath to hear an official statement of the Head of Council, who will claim the other seats at the council … More Cryer #186