Cryer #152

I was taking a swim downstream when I overheard a conversation between a certain , not very tall Wylding and a ‘Roundear’ I do use that term loosely because the fog was so dense, I couldn’t see, may have had pointy ears but, well it was foggy and the hair does get in the way … More Cryer #152

Cryer Issue #145

MEETING COLLAPSES INTO CHAOS Tempers grew heated at the meeting in the castle to decide how to proceed with the running of the city in the queen’s absence. The meeting began with the discovery of a letter lying on top of the Alberic crown inside its case. The letter was written on strange thick parchmentlike … More Cryer Issue #145

Cryer Issue #142

Eggs have been stolen from the castle again, among them a clutch that was left in the henhouse to be hatched by the mother in order to increase the chicken population. Anyone seen acting suspiciously in the castle courtyard should be reported to the guards. Thank you. Signed – Castle staff * I have been … More Cryer Issue #142

Cryer Issue #140

THE VAMPIRE IS DEAD! While details are as yet scant, it is confirmed that the vampire, who has been terrorising the people of Dee for some weeks, is now dead. At a time when the humans were planning to hunt and kill the beast, the wyldlings took action and pursued her through the forest and … More Cryer Issue #140

Cryer Issue #139

MER AND WYLDS IN ALLIANCE AGAINST HUMANS? A distraught Merthyn and Rhea Vintner came late to our offices yesterday to report that they had witnessed a meeting of mer and wyld creatures in which there was talk of an alliance between them against the humans of Dee. The Vintners’ suspicions were aroused when a pack … More Cryer Issue #139

Cryer Issue #134

CHAFFES BRING LAW SUIT AGAINST MINISTER AND VINTNER Lighthouse keeper, bard and tavern keeper, Dart Chaffe, has brought a law suit against Queen’s Minister, Philippe Miller, and against Master Merthyn Vintner. The suit is for compensation for his wife, Lotte, who is said to have broken a tooth last week, whilst eating bread at the … More Cryer Issue #134

Cryer Issue #133

THIEF AT LARGE? Staff at the castle have reported noticing a shortage of eggs. At first it was thought that the hens had simply stopped laying, but now it appears that a hen has gone missing. Citizens are asked to watch out for the absent bird, in case she has wandered off and got lost; … More Cryer Issue #133

Cryer Issue #132

WOODEN CROSSES AVAILABLE! Master Lex, carpenter of Dee, has been commissioned by the Office of the Queen to make crosses to be provided free of charge to the people of Dee, to be used as defence against the vampire. Collect your cross from Lex at the carpenter’s shop by the river. Those intent on destroying … More Cryer Issue #132

Cryer Issue #131

MEMORIAL TO JEWEL ERECTED Just arrived from craftsmen overseas, a granite memorial stone is to be erected on the green opposite the mill, where Jewel the unicorn is buried. Bearing the words “In memory of the Unicorn, Jewel, friend of Dee through many centuries, now departed and sorely missed”, the stone will stand for centuries … More Cryer Issue #131