How-To play evil with pregnant characters

How To:  Play Evil with Pregnant Characters

You are a player who is or could be evil, and you are roleplaying with a pregnant character.  On the surface, this may seem like any other roleplay, but what is below the surface is incredibly problematic.  Players who want to be pregnant in their roleplay please read about How to play pregnant in Dee

The expectation is that player who plays pregnant is responsible to follow these rules; however, it does happen that players put their characters into situations where you as an evil player would typically just be evil with them.  But to be blunt, you can’t.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that in RL, there are many that are easily offended by violence, potential violence, and the appearance of violence against an unborn child.  This is something that will cause people to react significantly OOC.  Players don’t have to be a part of such a roleplay; hearing about it, or the rumors of it (true or false) will cause OOC problems.

If you are in a violent roleplay, or preparing a violent roleplay, you must give those who are pregnant opportunities to leave the scene or get out of harms way.  Give them a means to escape capture.  Give them a means to avoid torture.  Give them every opportunity to not be a part of something violent.

If that player is goading you ICly to become violent,
If that player is claiming you are torturing them
If that player is asking you to attack them (IC or OOC)
… contact an admin immediately.  If one isn’t available, send an offline to a Staff Member and end the roleplay right there.

If you are unaware they are pregnant and it comes to light after you started – give them reason to get out of the roleplay, and if they don’t then stop the roleplay.

It is the “Mother’s” responsibility to keep out of a harmful roleplay situation; but we can not emphasize enough that if that player takes bad actions ICly – the OOC issues from other players will impact the evil ones far worse than the pregnant character’s player.