How-To; group chat ettiquette

A Quick Note on Etiquette for Group IM Chats

SPAM:               not OK
RP in Chat         not OK
IC Trigger:                OK
OOC :                       OK

For the Most Part – Group Chat  is considered OOC.  While too much chatter on the group chat is distracting, you all are pretty good from keeping group chats from getting too out of hand.

At times, the Group Chat can be used for IC information about current roleplay — but there are some things to remember:

A) What you post must be IC information that people can react to IC; something OTHER people can hear, see, smell, or sense in some way.  For instance, if there is a fire – people could smell smoke, or see glowing embers coming from a certain direction.  If people hear screaming, say where it comes from.  Just saying what you see or what you do will not give something to react to — think of it as advertising for your roleplay.

B) Be consistent with the current roleplay & your character.  If you are not the kind to go running and calling for guards, don’t start because someone needs to go run and call for the guards.

C) Respect the limits of the IC information you give.  If someone screams for help in the Abbey, don’t assume that people will hear you at the cuddle puddle.  Sound only travels so far.

D) Respect each other’s “IC Triggers” and do not negatively comment on them.

E) Keep drama out of group chat.  If you have an issue, speak to a moderator.  They are the ones listed in bold lettering within the list.

Reacting to it is just as tricky.  If you see someone giving IC information in chat, just remember:
A) Responding in the group chat can be fine if done to support the initial comment — but the group chat isn’t the place for a continued roleplay.  Just head to the roleplay itself and join in.
B) Respond appropriate to what was given.  If someone says there is the smell of pie at the Lighthouse and you are at castle ruins – you likely didn’t smell it.
C) If you are off sim, its alright to TP into Dee to find the roleplay — just make sure its a place that is reasonable for your character and doesn’t jump right into the story.