Once Upon A Mine

We are back with a new quest adventure!

It begins on Saturday, the 4th , around noon SLT and you are heartily invited to be one of the first crash test bunnies brave souls to dare entering the maze. That is, if you find it.

Once Upon A Mine

There are rumors about a giant treasure of dwarven origin hidden under Dandelion Daydreams Factory. What ever your motivation is … be it greed, be it adventurousness, you want to claim this treasure! Of course you do not seriously believe that you will encounter actual dwarves – do you? And once again the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask you: Are you brave enough? Event opens Nov. 4.

Visit in Second Life

The successful adventurer will be rewarded by prizes generously donated
by Dandelion Daydreams Factory & Sponsors:

Acme Pixel Works
Fallen Gods Inc.
~*Sweet Revolutions*~
!YAY!Mesh Creations


More about it coming soon. I will write up a FAQ / manual later.


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4 Rooms

A mini quest!

For Twisted Hunt* I make it my personal task to provide a fancy side quest/hunt each time. You find the entrance to the quest by following the twisted cubes path. Once you entered, you find yourself in four rooms…well actually five, if you want to count the entrance hall too.

Lilith's Den - 4 Rooms Quest - Library

Your task is to gather clues for the 4 codes to open the 4 treasure chests that are more or less obvious placed in each room.
But be warned: The Codes for the Treasures are not easy to find.

(clicking the pictures opens them in flickr)

Lilith's Den - 4 Rooms Quest - Library2

Lilith's Den - 4 Rooms Quest - Private

Lilith's Den - 4 Rooms Quest - Atelier

Lilith's Den - 4 Rooms Quest - Holy Room

Lilith's Den - 4 Rooms Quest - Holy Room 2


Credits for the photos: Purgatori Larnia.
PSD job: me myself and I



Dates: Sept 1, 2017 through September, 30, 2017

Theme: Victorian Gothic

Color: Burgundy Wine

Twisted Headquarters – Hunt Starting Location

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Mysteries Of The Deep – The Very Last Day In Kingsport

Dear Real Life!

You shine bright in a lot of highly valued aspects, but one can certainly say that you have zero skill points in “good timing”. Thanks to that I can not say to have seen much of the Lovecraft Festival during the Festival.

I can tell though that if it was full in the past years, it was even more full this year!

Not only were there more visitors , but also more merchants present and an event schedule that can only be described by : packed to the brim!!
By all means, we even have a Movie Theater this year!

All this made possible by a wonderful staff that puts up with the task to make LoveFest every year even better than the past year. I am happy to have been able to work with such fantastic , skilled, amazing dedicated people. And I am certainly looking forward next year! If they will have me again that is 😀

But what I actually wanted to do is to write a post about this years adventure.
This is meant to encourage you, who visited the fest but missed out on the Adventure, to do it now, before it is gone forever. Or you, who planned to go to the LoveFest 2017, but had a similar active RL as I did-  Absolute last chance to do it !

Hardcore fans of LoveFest in SL do know that there is an adventure quest every year…and each is totally different from prior ones. Also this time.

From here I slip in my researcher character and wish you happy reading:

Specimen Expedition “Mysteries Of The Deep”

[Spoken into a scratchy voice recording device :]
Upon entering the docks in the North Western corner of the town, I get greeted by a promising text :

A marine research team recently returned from a remote ocean site, bringing live specimens and images taken by a dive team. You have opportunity to sign on for the second trip, to be equipped with diving gear and continue the exploration begun by the previous team.

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 1

The Department From Outside

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 2

The Department From Inside

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 3

A Ship Awaits Backside

It is the S.S. Lovecraft and someone informs politely:

S.S. LOVECRAFT at Sea – Welcome aboard! Be sure to get your deep sea diving suit, and ready for the descent!

Luckily here is a door leading back to Kingsport, in case you just remember to have forgotten to tell your family and friends how you wish your funeral to happen in case you don’t return form the expedition..or maybe you just decided to lack the balls …

But I (of course :D) do have the balls thus it is now time to get suited!
I recommend to read the notecard coming with your brand new diving suit.  It has helpful suggestions for optimal realistic viewing under water.

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 4

Diving Suits!

Outside awaits an interesting Vehicle :

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 5.png

Are you ready?
Wear your diving suit and sit in the floating bathysphere.

I do not know how exactly, but I survived the ride and cannot believe my eyes. For a while I just stand here, look around, breath…

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 6

Arrival At A World Of Wonder

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 7.png

Interesting Object For Further Investigations ( Hunt Object!)

As I wander around I see many highly interesting things, strange beings and structures of unspeakable beauty , but also of unspeakable ….horror. Several times I get nearly eaten, ripped, gutted and what ever those beasts do to careless divers!

But from here I better spare my breath and let the Polaroids speak – the air supply will not last forever and I am not eager to drown before I find what I am searching for ….

[ end of scratchy voice device records …]

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 8
Alien Structures
LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 9

Alien Civilization Down Here?!

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 10

Alien Creatures!

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - Documentary Polaroid No 11

More Alien Creatures

LoveFest 2017 - Specimen Expedition - The Last Polaroid

The Final Unspeakable

This was the last Polaroid of the missing researcher.
There might be hope that they survived the mission – but even if they live they very likely lost sanity due to the horrors they been facing down there.

LoveFest 2017 – 17-27 August

 Blog: lovefest.wordpress.com/

 Office: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/154/169/47

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/LovecraftFestival/?view_public_for=98945...

 Flickr: www.flickr.com/groups/3022137@N22/

And your Bathysphere: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral%20Moon/128/128/3001


PS : Yes, I have a store at LoveFest too. And I did not write a post about my Exclusives and Hunt Gifts at the Fest – Bummer, I know!
But I really lacked the time and so….. you are on your own here.
My store is direct by the Landing 😉

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It has 6 legs!

I am proud to have been accepted for this dark event and had a lot of fun with setting up and creating new items !

Bringing 3 new releases
– although nothing new was required, except for the (optional) hunt prize.
But I had this dragon collar made a while ago, and it only waited to be released.



Something I wanted to do for a looong time now : Creepy Doll Heads.
Come static and wandering and are available in the 5L Hunt 🙂

LD Spider Dolls

flickr to like me

A booth needs to be decorated and I thought bug carpets would work pretty well. And they do! Adding this new Gacha:

Lilith's Den - Gacha - Bug Carpets

flickr to like me

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13 Findings

Everyone who knows me just a little bit, will figure in very short time that I have a problem with numbers. Not with mathematics, mind you, just with the numbers!

I am the first to write a new years message with the wrong date, I am the last to remember your birthday. And yes, I am guilty of reading a phone number with transposed digits.  So, when you unpack this group gift and it is not 13 pieces – then you might think HAH, she did it again! But no….  here comes the math:

3 x 3 shiny, low land impact and pretty beach findings (shell, conch, starfish) coming  with 3 tray crates of each a sort are packed in 1 wooden crate decorated with the nine findings. That makes 13!

But if you insist to make a point :  you can unlink the shells from one crate, then count the resulting 1 empty crate towards the 13, which makes 14.

And if you want to be absolute exact, you could figure out that the very crate comes with an extra face for inlays like sand, or velvet or what ever fabric – so that would be actually 2 sorts of crates , which makes 15.

But then again you could add unlimited textures and count each and every possible crate …well…now I believe we leave the field of calculation and enter imagination.

How ever, I do hope – and actually I am sure – you will enjoy this group gift.

Available at Lilith’s Den only for – guess who ? – right, group members!

Nuts and Laughter


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Who shrunk the 36 carts, honey?

It is my , I think, third time in this Cart Sale, and I love it!

I like being part of it, because it is noticeable, that Marge really enjoys doing these sales. She comes up with funny, unusual themes and each time decorates the whole sim. The sale includes 10L items and exclusives for the event, gifts and of course the 2L hunt items. A place for bargains and unusual pretty things.

So , I highly recommend to visit and hang out at the Cart sale.

This round the theme is :
Honey I Shrunk the Cart Sale
July 1st to July 31st

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BuenaVista/43/186/22

My Hunt item and 3 exclusives:

honey I shrunk the carts exclusives and hunt gift Kopie.pngHoney I Shrunk the Cart Sale Texture - For Blog Use.png

PS: and I suspect Marge to have shrunk them!

Edit :

PPS: https://iheartthecart.wordpress.com/  has all hunt item pics and hints 😉

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Applications are open !

The 6th Annual Lovecraft Festival occurs around the author H.P. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday (17-27 August 2017) and is as such a tribute to his work.

It includes shopping at the fresh for the event built New England coastal town, a seaside Gacha Shack, live entertainment and tourist features, as well as a scripted cross sim quest adventure “ MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP”  with a scavenger hunt.

Designer apply here : https://lovefest.wordpress.com/merchants/application/

LoveFest Office 2017.png

Visit the Festival Office in Innsmouth and grab a free Diving Helmet and Poster !

LoveFest Poster 2017



Source: Applications are open !

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