Lovecraft Texture Packs


Better late than never,  here the missing texture vendor pictures 🙂
Textures are available individually and as pack @ 5th annual LoveFest 2016

 August 13-21

LD 13 floor tiles - lovecraftLD 12x  grunge wallpaper lovecraftLD 8x  vintage wallpaper lovecraft


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Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior

Are you ready for a new adventure? Then you will love to learn about the upcoming return of   The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior! by MadPea Productions.

“Embark on an epic expedition, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps as you navigate your way through the Devil’s Cave and crack the vault where precious treasures are waiting to be discovered.”

Starting on August 21th.

Me and blender (being close buddies now) created fantastic Ears for the game. With Plugs and HUD and also, for the fun of it, with an Inca Archway.
I called them Ikaray , which means “to blow smoke in order to heal”. You need to perk up your ears to hear this faint sound and I thought it a pretty name 🙂

LD ikaray inka ears - humanoid MPP

Read more about the game here :
And here you see more prizes:
Even more here:

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The Shadow Over Second Life

During the summer of  2016–several members of the HPL Event Committee made a strange and secret investigation of certain conditions in an old english seaport. The public first learned of it due to some notices, Facebook and other social media when the dramatic announcement was made :

LoveFest 2016 is coming !
The 5th annual Lovecraft Festival in Second Life , celebrating the birthday of the author
H.P. Lovecraft is starting this weekend, August 13th.


This 9 days lasting event is dear to my heart. Being a fan of Lovecraft, as well as a fan of the Innsmouth sim in Second Life – where I do have a small shop in order to support the sim – maintained and kept alive alone from generous donations of the community.

The Festival, how ever, is the big big thing in the HPL community of Second Life. And here I yelled aloud to become one of the sponsors. And accidentally their webmaster.

What is to expect? Well firstly you can buy some amazing things I made !
There is 3 texture packs , 2 with Lovecraftian style vintage Wallpapers and 1 with matching Floor tiles . Exclusively and new at the Festival. If you want to see them you need to go there… I did not find the time and mood to make a vendor pic for them. Shame on me!

But of these I do have pics:

LD Cthulhh Standing Stone

LD Elder Standing Stones

Weathered Signs Gacha @ LoveFest 2016

LoveFaire Gacha @ LoveFest 2016

LD FishTankTable .animated

I made 2 more of these tables that are not animated. Go and see them at the event. They will be gone after.

And then I made some souvenirs , available at the souvenir cart and the souvenir shop near the huge huge ..did I mention huge? its HUGE ! Ship.

There is that ship, the Arkham Asylum that they call a Sanitarium (? the non english speaker me wonders..) , the Kingsport Library and the Gacha Shack ( pretty I can tell! and the items …*drools* )  and a graveyard and a lot of water and seaside promenade and not to forget about that extremely giant Ship. There will be events and there is rumors of an adventure taking place at the ship and there is balloons and candies and … oh man!  Its only that one sim, but its packed up with fun on several levels ..and an isle. And that Ship!

So basically you are invited to a fun journey in old english darkish spooky crazy Lovecraft  seafarer style. And as I write this, its only 6 more hours to go. See you there !

LoveFest 2016

Welcome to LoveFest 2016! Shop in a New England coastal town area and enjoy entertainment aboard a 1920’s era cruise ship. Join Lovecraft-inspired adventures beginning Aug. 13 through 21. More info at

Visit in Second Life


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Let There Be Light

New released today.
I have them a while already now, hanging in my room on top of the Lilith’s Den Hill, and eventually found the time to do what has to be done to share them with the world.

I was trying something new there with the soft flickering light. And depending on windlight and other viewer settings the light effect looks quite diverse. Best optical result of course comes with all shaders options enabled – but that goes for most pretty things in SL.

Lilith's Den Scripted Wall Sconces - Zebra & Snake
Lilith's Den Scripted Wall Sconce Zebra
Lilith's Den Scripted Wall Sconce Snake

On introduction 50% Sale until Monday.

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Message In A Bottle

Guess who is almost done with redesigning their store?
Yes! It’s me! There is still bits that need adjustment, but basically its pretty much done now. Which is good, as there are Events ahead that require my attention. But right now! There is that one Event that requires YOUR attention:

Fantasy Cream is up and running again for 4 weeks.
What to do? Go shopping for the Fantasy Cream Exclusives Creations, hunt for the extras , vote for your favorites and maybe win more goodies.

Designer in this round :

Angel Fae Boutique BamPu Legacies
Dragon Magick Wares Jinx
Spyralle ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Sylvan Moon Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru
Wishbringer Dandelion Daydreams Factory

Here is what I made:

And together with Luna selling our beautiful Beach Huts :

DDDF Fantasy Cream Beach Huts FATPACK

as well available @ Fantasy Cream 🙂


But not enough!

There are 2 more hunts running. You find the hints in the new lobby of Lilith’s Den

LD Retro Poufer Set plus Lamp

Available in Around The Grid in 80 Days Hunt 4
For 1 L if you search or 25L if you buy it from the poster – or you wait until I set it on regular sale after Sept 30, 2016 , when the hunt is over.

  And :

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 7
LD Fairy Hill - Landscaping Kit with Lovers Bench &Sounds & Lights

June 21 – July 21, 2016,  1 L Hunt

For bigger images visit

And in August comes the LoveFest 2016! Don’t miss that.


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Redesign & Megasale & Stuff !

Few weeks ago I emptied Lilith’s Den

After years in a Lilith’s cave – temple I figured I wanted something new.
I  sort of ran out of space and structure… seriously, if you were not able to find something in my store: trust me, I wasn’t either! I can not promise that things will be easier to find , after all I am the same ol’ messhead as always,  but you will find that things will become more visible and everything became roomier.

Most of the structure is already done.
Since I love merging structures with the landscape, and also because I wanted to keep certain parts of the store ( the connection cave to the tunnels , and the textures area).
I started working in prim, which helped me to get a feel for size and alignments. A lot of the build becomes mesh because A) to spare on Landimpact, B)  for …its pretty and allows for nicer shapes.

So, one by one I am working on wall by wall, stair by stair, window by window, door by…. you get the idea.

Lilith's Den  - Under Construction Redesign Discount Sale.png

Initially I put everything outside by the landing on 30% and 50% Discount

One by one I started moving products inside the new building. But I am slow, and the sale will take place effectively as long as I need for moving in. Depending on my mood and available time that can go pretty rapid or extremely slow. I personally hope for rapid, but figure that I am extremely slow – which is good for you for the SALE GOES ON.


What makes me slow down ?

There be the preparations for SL13B (done, opening this weekend), Fantasy Cream ( coming in July!), the new DDDF Quest that we delayed for near half a year now and that we really want to start in July, diverse other smaller or bigger sales events and hunts  I am taking part at, custom work, friends who need help, time spent to relax with and without my precious partner …

And above all , what really has me pretty occupied currently, helping with the preparations for the 5th annual LoveFest 2016, coming in August. An event , cause and community dear to my heart.
Applications for Bloggers and Merchants are open now.




In my NEW store  I am also playing with the Mistral environment system (demo video by Fritigern Gothly) – easy windlight changing if you have RLV enabled. If not, you see everything default with the region windlight or the one you picked. A warning if you like to explore already: Playing means, not done yet. If you happen to have a mistral device and RLV enabled then you likely are a Twisted Hunter and if you then  get lost in the dark, do not blame me and just yell for help until someone comes for rescue or beheads you to stop the noise.
(PS on mistral: everyone who owns the system can request a rebranded version. Just send a NC to Fritigern Gothly inworld)


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Lets Celebrate

SL13B is opening this Saturday – for those who don’t know what that is : Its the huge event  to celebrate the 13th birthday of Second Life. Yes, THIRTEEN years !

And this means Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts !
At this event nothing is sold, everything is shared freely with the community .

Its 17 sims with 70 exhibitors, loots of events and tons of fun.


Dandelion DayDreams Factory @ SL13B

Luna and I put an exhibit together to showcase Dandelion Daydreams Factory and we were not shying away from installing a Mini Quest there, as its tradition for us to provide smaller or bigger adventures to our Visitors.

On top of the Mountain inside of the Chimney you find a big gear with letters on the floor.  Click the letters  in the correct order for a nice prize.
The correct order is in the answers to the riddles you find in the small gears with dandelion seeds on this parcel.
There is 5 all together.

You don’t have to be brave  , to rule the gears , you just have to be smart
(for reference and to sing along : , rest in peace, Prince )
Rule The Gears - DDDF  Mini Quest @ SL13B

Also we made a fun gift for the SL13B Hunt

Dandelion StandBy

Did I say everything needed to be said ?


You find the exhibition ( with gift ! ) of #WoRPG 2 parcels next to us ( I got my hands in there too, but mainly on Chri Emor who did all the work 😉
I merely added the MFGC info + a Cool totally SCI FI Vehicle as free Gift.
And made plenty of idiotic comments and suggestions just to drive Chris insane *nods

And between DDDF and #WoRPG you find Bambi ( once she is done setting up , she is done setting up * nods * )

And all over the sims are more friends and cool set ups  ( Loki Eliot is there , and MadPea too ! and many many many more ) and did I mention GIFTS ?! , but I leave it to you to hunt them down!


ALL info about the event is to find here :


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