13 Findings

Everyone who knows me just a little bit, will figure in very short time that I have a problem with numbers. Not with mathematics, mind you, just with the numbers!

I am the first to write a new years message with the wrong date, I am the last to remember your birthday. And yes, I am guilty of reading a phone number with transposed digits.  So, when you unpack this group gift and it is not 13 pieces – then you might think HAH, she did it again! But no….  here comes the math:

3 x 3 shiny, low land impact and pretty beach findings (shell, conch, starfish) coming  with 3 tray crates of each a sort are packed in 1 wooden crate decorated with the nine findings. That makes 13!

But if you insist to make a point :  you can unlink the shells from one crate, then count the resulting 1 empty crate towards the 13, which makes 14.

And if you want to be absolute exact, you could figure out that the very crate comes with an extra face for inlays like sand, or velvet or what ever fabric – so that would be actually 2 sorts of crates , which makes 15.

But then again you could add unlimited textures and count each and every possible crate …well…now I believe we leave the field of calculation and enter imagination.

How ever, I do hope – and actually I am sure – you will enjoy this group gift.

Available at Lilith’s Den only for – guess who ? – right, group members!

Nuts and Laughter


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Who shrunk the 36 carts, honey?

It is my , I think, third time in this Cart Sale, and I love it!

I like being part of it, because it is noticeable, that Marge really enjoys doing these sales. She comes up with funny, unusual themes and each time decorates the whole sim. The sale includes 10L items and exclusives for the event, gifts and of course the 2L hunt items. A place for bargains and unusual pretty things.

So , I highly recommend to visit and hang out at the Cart sale.

This round the theme is :
Honey I Shrunk the Cart Sale
July 1st to July 31st

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BuenaVista/43/186/22

My Hunt item and 3 exclusives:

honey I shrunk the carts exclusives and hunt gift Kopie.pngHoney I Shrunk the Cart Sale Texture - For Blog Use.png

PS: and I suspect Marge to have shrunk them!

Edit :

PPS: https://iheartthecart.wordpress.com/  has all hunt item pics and hints 😉

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Applications are open !

The 6th Annual Lovecraft Festival occurs around the author H.P. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday (17-27 August 2017) and is as such a tribute to his work.

It includes shopping at the fresh for the event built New England coastal town, a seaside Gacha Shack, live entertainment and tourist features, as well as a scripted cross sim quest adventure “ MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP”  with a scavenger hunt.

Designer apply here : https://lovefest.wordpress.com/merchants/application/

LoveFest Office 2017.png

Visit the Festival Office in Innsmouth and grab a free Diving Helmet and Poster !

LoveFest Poster 2017



Source: Applications are open !

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Twisted Summer Sale 2017 – Twisted Fairytales


Blog: http://twistedhunt.com/

Dates: June 1 – June 30, 2017

Theme: Twisted Fairytales

Color: Multiple

Total Number of Booths: 45

Location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secrets%20of%20Gaia/163/25/1001


2 new gachas – the twisted gacha is exclusive for the event

3 new texture sets

2 exclusive RFL items


Also: 2 cubes hidden in the mini hunt with mini prizes

– twisted cubes pillar

– light arches in various colors, scripted


For flickr rating my images click here:

For visiting and shopping at Lilith’s Den click here:

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Mudrana Dragonflies & Flies

Estella Mystagic sent me this video , showing where she has put the Mudrana Flies and Dragonflies (and sound ) . What a pretty place she has there.

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4 more days for Fantasy Faire 2017!

The official program came to an end, but we have 4 more days ahead for exploring the diverse beauty of the sims, finish the quest (! do eeet !) , shop, donate and have spontaneous parties.

And in case you wondered whether the Mudrana bits that were not for sale will ever be available : they are now!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See in large at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mandragora-lilith/


Fantasy Faire Blog:  fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/

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Mudrana @ Fantasy Faire 2017


So now . Finally there. Finally the Fairelands are back and here is the SLurl to the beautiful Mudrana sim Luna Barak and I designed this year.


Clicking these Photos made by Luna will open them in large on Flickr.
Visit : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mudrana/126/111/43

Or start here at Fairelands Junction and find the portals to all the sims:

More photos are in the Fantasy Faire Flickr Photo Pool, where you will find plenty of gorgeous pictures taken on all the wonderful sims.


Learn more about Mudrana and the Stores located there :

Learn aboutthe roleplay at Mudrana here:

And here:



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