An Article about Lilith’s Den

You land at Lilith’s Den, thinking “Oh okay, cool. I bet there’s some interesting stuff in here. Let’s shop!” But then, upon venturing deeper into the mainstore, one might think she or he has stumbled upon a new and undisclosed quest within the “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” game. Indeed, one part of the […]

Source: Meet the Prize Designers – Lilith’s Den

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Happy Birthday Fallen Gods Inc.

Happy Anniversary Alia!

Alia Baroque celebrates with us -and we celebrate with Alia!

Fallen Gods Inc. 9th Anniversary

1-22 October 2016

See the full Schedule of Events:

Anniversary Hunt:
Sunrise of Creation
October 1 -November 3
Hunt Gift by Lilith’s Den: Lilith's Den Garuda Lamp Sculpture


Anniversary Festival Market
1 – 22 October
Lilith's Den Exclusive

Lilith's Den Stone Spiral Segments

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Jackpot Gacha Time!

16-24 September

Play and win the final Jackpot of 100 free pulls!
Chances to win 1, 2 or 3 gifts every time you play.

New Location :

start: noon slt!

Battlefield gacha

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It’s Twisted ( )

Oh yes, indeed, it is Twisted and it is a Hunt and it has a reputation as
THE hardest hunt in Second Life.
And know what? It IS THE HARDEST HUNT IN S….. it really is.

But it is not only that it is the hardest also is one of the oldest and also one that is free and also ! THE one with the most active 24/7 chat in Second Life, even ! between the hunt dates.  Its a must. Get it? You do need to do it, if ! you are a hunter. If not…. don’t read on.

The hunt gift I made is this :

- clicking the images will open them on Flickr in new window. 
- I am a fan of "Like" and "Share" buttons *winks*

Lilith's Den - Inverdur -  Celtic Ogham Elements Stone
Its hidden somewhere around my store. The most current hint is in the twisted easel 🙂

There is 3 gifts to find due solving riddles in the ” Path of Divination ”
– a side hunt area I set up for the Twisties. You get there through the portal at Lilith’s Den.
Twisted Hunt Is Coming !

The biggest of the 3 Gifts is this :
Lilith's Den  - Divination Rune Oracle Gate
If you need hints…ask Olgard. She sits up there and awaits you.

Then there is the final gift for Twisted Survivors. That is -you- if you finish the hunt.
LD Chakra Pyramid
I admit, this is a “Omg must have ” *grins*

I also made an Avatar
Lilith's Den  - Divination Spirit AVATAR - TH 2016
On nice price sale for only 49L until the end of the Hunt.
And yeah its another “OMG must have ”

Gachas !
Yes, in twisted Hunt we do Gachas as well.
For Hardcore Twisties:
Twisted Divination gacha key

And oooh more weathered signs :
Divination gacha

Twisted Blog :

And by the way, can you guess?
The Theme is : Divination, the color is blue.


Happy Hunting !

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Lovecraft Texture Packs


Better late than never,  here the missing texture vendor pictures 🙂
Textures are available individually and as pack @ 5th annual LoveFest 2016

 August 13-21

LD 13 floor tiles - lovecraftLD 12x  grunge wallpaper lovecraftLD 8x  vintage wallpaper lovecraft


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Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior

Are you ready for a new adventure? Then you will love to learn about the upcoming return of   The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior! by MadPea Productions.

“Embark on an epic expedition, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps as you navigate your way through the Devil’s Cave and crack the vault where precious treasures are waiting to be discovered.”

Starting on August 21th.

Me and blender (being close buddies now) created fantastic Ears for the game. With Plugs and HUD and also, for the fun of it, with an Inca Archway.
I called them Ikaray , which means “to blow smoke in order to heal”. You need to perk up your ears to hear this faint sound and I thought it a pretty name 🙂

LD ikaray inka ears - humanoid MPP

Read more about the game here :
And here you see more prizes:
Even more here:

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The Shadow Over Second Life

During the summer of  2016–several members of the HPL Event Committee made a strange and secret investigation of certain conditions in an old english seaport. The public first learned of it due to some notices, Facebook and other social media when the dramatic announcement was made :

LoveFest 2016 is coming !
The 5th annual Lovecraft Festival in Second Life , celebrating the birthday of the author
H.P. Lovecraft is starting this weekend, August 13th.


This 9 days lasting event is dear to my heart. Being a fan of Lovecraft, as well as a fan of the Innsmouth sim in Second Life – where I do have a small shop in order to support the sim – maintained and kept alive alone from generous donations of the community.

The Festival, how ever, is the big big thing in the HPL community of Second Life. And here I yelled aloud to become one of the sponsors. And accidentally their webmaster.

What is to expect? Well firstly you can buy some amazing things I made !
There is 3 texture packs , 2 with Lovecraftian style vintage Wallpapers and 1 with matching Floor tiles . Exclusively and new at the Festival. If you want to see them you need to go there… I did not find the time and mood to make a vendor pic for them. Shame on me!

But of these I do have pics:

LD Cthulhh Standing Stone

LD Elder Standing Stones

Weathered Signs Gacha @ LoveFest 2016

LoveFaire Gacha @ LoveFest 2016

LD FishTankTable .animated

I made 2 more of these tables that are not animated. Go and see them at the event. They will be gone after.

And then I made some souvenirs , available at the souvenir cart and the souvenir shop near the huge huge ..did I mention huge? its HUGE ! Ship.

There is that ship, the Arkham Asylum that they call a Sanitarium (? the non english speaker me wonders..) , the Kingsport Library and the Gacha Shack ( pretty I can tell! and the items …*drools* )  and a graveyard and a lot of water and seaside promenade and not to forget about that extremely giant Ship. There will be events and there is rumors of an adventure taking place at the ship and there is balloons and candies and … oh man!  Its only that one sim, but its packed up with fun on several levels ..and an isle. And that Ship!

So basically you are invited to a fun journey in old english darkish spooky crazy Lovecraft  seafarer style. And as I write this, its only 6 more hours to go. See you there !

LoveFest 2016

Welcome to LoveFest 2016! Shop in a New England coastal town area and enjoy entertainment aboard a 1920’s era cruise ship. Join Lovecraft-inspired adventures beginning Aug. 13 through 21. More info at

Visit in Second Life


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