Runa’s Shabby Vintage Retro Trip + Lilith’s Den June Group Gift

Usually one thing leads to the other.
Yesterday (Sunday)  morning I needed a shelf of sort to display all the – I did count them, but forgot the number again! Its at least seven, plus three and few additional- hunt gifts of the Lost Letters Quest that started today.

How ever, I always wanted to make one of those cool cube commodes with fancy wood drawers – with labels. So I made one…. and then made 4 others..

LD Shabby Vintage Retro Commode



not enough, I thought suddenly that a small one would look pretty cool, too…so I made 4 small ones aaaaaand found myself in packing and vendor pics-making madness for some hours. Not quite what I had planned … time wise.

LD Shabby Vintage Retro Small Commode



LD Shabby Vintage Retro Drawer Sets


Anyway… Once done … soooo vaguely around midnight yesterday, I suddenly knew what the group gift this month has to be – and so, over night ( No , I did sleep, but before that I dashed to Blender and Photoshop ) I created that amazing bench with drawers, yesyes, and pillows and..









…here it is.
I am not  a photographer really, but -well.
(Secretly waiting for one certain amazing blogger to shoot a better pic of it 😀 )
The cool Commode Bench comes with working drawers and animated seats for three and a carpet.

LD Shabby Vintage Retro Groupgift JuneWhat is coming next?

Might keep going on the shabby vintage retro trip – but one never knows. Inspiration comes to me best due deadlines, apparently, and there are hunts coming up that are of different themes again. Oh and the LoveFest! I am looking forward this one especially, for once, because its my first time there, second, because I love Innsmouth and Lovecraft anyway.

PS: Just in case you wonder, yes I simply snapped the old Isle of Dee Blog and use it for mine now. It is full of good memories (archive) and I thought it about time to have a blog, since everyone does have one, why, by all means, not Runa, as well!   Now she does. Yehaw. Let’s just see how regularly I remember to post stuff – laughs.


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