Flying Neurones and Fantasy Cream

I am happy to introduce my newest release:

These Twirling Flares in seven colors.

You might think neurones when watching them
Demos are rezzed in the store @

They are only 1 Landimpact up to a size of 4.5 m – the numbers increase , since it is mesh, with resizing. I left them copy mod, so you can change to your needs and liking. The good thing is , the script can be removed and the twirling continues.

They are this weekend in the countdown sale for the new release price offer of 49L instead their original price.

LD Twirling Flares - Purple LD Twirling Flares - Pink LD Twirling Flares - Orange LD Twirling Flares - Mint LD Twirling Flares - Fire LD Twirling Flares - Candy LD Twirling Flares - Bluegreenish txt

Fantasy Cream:

Maybe you know that one of my favorite longtime projects is the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier. Born out of the need to have a handy list of stores that provide Roleplay props and clothing and RP Sims for Medieval Fantasy Roleplay. So  the genius minds of Luna Barak and myself created the group, and invited all the stores we loved. This was way back in 2009. Since then the Grid Crier has served its purpose well and grew and grew…. and now we think it time for some show-off!

Fantasy Cream is a one week Market, Show off and Contest event  of exclusive medieval fantasy creations by a selected number of Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Designer.
And this is planned to happen 4 times the year.
What is in for you? Medieval Fantasy Special and Exclusive Items, Prizes and Gifts !

So my advice is , too bookmark this link :,  or to join the MFGC Group (secondlife:///app/group/17095f80-0a34-2f05-f4ce-d480ee27fb5f/about) to track the Event dates 🙂


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