Can you help Mrs. Wise?

This is Mrs. Wise:

Mrs Wise

Mrs. Wise and her cat.

She has a son, Mr. Wise, who is the local Theater Director. Mrs. Wise is selling theater Tickets for her sons theater plays from her Ticket Office.
You can see it in the next picture:

Of course everyone likes to see this years holidays play at the Teatro dei Soffioni, especially for the famous singer known as “Orlando the Nightingale” – and everyone is – of course- waiting eagerly for the tickets sale to begin…all, including Mrs. Wise.

Ticket Booth

Winter Village – Ticket Booth and Info Board

So when you arrive at the Village, you should firstly see the Ticket Booth and the Info Board – and then see Mrs. Wise, who is always glad about a visit. Do not forget to peek in each holiday sock by the fireplaces in the cottages 😉

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Happy Hunting and an enjoyable time at the Winter Quest part 1


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